setValue is a function exposed on the new Animated.Value() instance. It allows for external code to control the internal value of the instance without triggering animations of intermediary states.

For example:

this._animatedValue = new Animated.Value(0);

<Animated.View style={{left: this._animatedValue}} />


The Animated.View will immediately jump from position left 0 to positoin left 150 and will not iterate nicely from 0 to 150. You must use other Animated functions to do so, which we'll cover later.

Something to note is that if interpolate is called to set up such things, this will cause the correct value to be interpolated but not animated.

For Example:

this._animatedValue = new Animated.Value(0);

const _backgroundColor = this._animatedValue.interpolate({
	inputRange: [0, 150],
	outputRange: ['rgba(255,255,255,1)', 'rgba(0,0,0,1)']

<Animated.View style={{left: this._animatedValue, backgroundColor: _backgroundColor}} />


This will cause the backgroundColor of the Animated.View to immediately jump from white to black. Other Animated functions would transition from white to shades of gray, and eventually to black.